Netflix no longer gives us the choice

With an ever-increasing amount of content, we feel like we have more and more choice in what we watch, yet Netflix makes it a point of honour to choose for us what we will watch by standardizing its suggestions.

Mathis Freudenberger
6 min readDec 5, 2019


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A powerful suggestion algorithm

By dint of knowing our consumption habits for series and films, Netflix offers us content that is increasingly adapted to our tastes, on this point it looks quite attractive. However, as the machine learning analyses our every move, an algorithm is built that undermines the diversity of the offer.

Netflix Home page — © Medium / Netflix

The system is based on recommendation rather than choice. Indeed, we are more often led to stroll on the home page rather than in the category pages or the search bar. Through its use, Netflix knows its users and offers films or series close to its initial choices. Thus, the choices are no longer dictated by a desire, but by a calculation which will reinforce what the user already likes, without discovering other contents.

It is also questionable whether the algorithm is still very relevant and loyal to the user’s choices. Netflix could grant itself the right to also promote content it produces for the benefit of others, just because it wants to boost it.

Social pressure

Account sharing between friends

Who has never lent a Netflix account? Some formulas offer the connection of several devices simultaneously and this allows to reduce the hits for many by creating a profile on a friend’s account.

Except that we may not know it, but by logging into your friend’s account and viewing some content, you will influence the future content that will be associated with your friend’s account. All this be able to make the series talk about…



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