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Founder of MetaFilter. Huge cyclocross, photography, and web nerd as well.

Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook

For the past decade, I’ve tried every new social media product to come along but I find myself returning to the two giants of the industry…

Introducing the Panoselfie

A couple weeks ago, Colin Devroe, a friend from Twitter introduced me to the concept of a panoselfie when he created a Flickr group for it and tweeted at me.

Does the dressing room have a lock on a real door?

That’s what she asked me, and I didn’t think anything of it at first.

The Big Lebowskemoji

The annotated Big Lebowskemoji

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Romantic Comedy love scene in 2015

…as their bodies became one, they simultaneously raised their left wrists and said “hey Siri, new message to my beloved”

“Your booty makes me cray cray” said he.

“Your dadbod is on fleek” said she.

“Ok, send” said in unison, and their wrists lit up in joy.

My rocky first 24hrs with the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ

I’m an insufferable asshole, and I’m here to complain about my brand new $350 luxury watch that so far hasn’t lived up to my insanely high expectations, which I am publishing here on Medium using my 5k iMac.

Setup wasn’t smooth. The watch app forcibly installed on everyone’s phone a few weeks back which I previously complained about…

Lessons learned from a month of EV ownership

I’ve lusted after a Tesla since they debuted, thought seriously about getting a Nissan Leaf too, but it was after I took a test ride in a BMW…

Spoilers for every Fast Furious movie ever

We love cars! But also family! Don’t make us choose one or the other!

I love my cats but they are assholes

I’m not a dog person. I’ve had cats for most of my life and loved every one of them. Currently, we have two: a 2 year-old stray and a one year-old from a shelter, and they’re great. I love them dearly. But they’re also assholes.

Predictions on Watchmas Eve

With Apple’s Watch event to take place tomorrow at 10AM, I figured I should put down some terrible predictions I hope come true.

Unfortunate drawback of the new short Medium posts feature: my phone is blowing up, and I previously had notifications on because Medium publishing was a rare act of friends exposing their latest work, words worth…