Which is a Good City to Buy a Home In?

Experts that 2016 may bring the kind of investment to real estate that was last seen in 2007, the peak year in which the sector saw more than $8 billion come in; reported The Financial Express on January 13, 2016. As the government of India is also strongly championing the cause of ‘ Housing for All by 2022’, the real estate is looking to recover from the sluggishness of the past few years. Moreover, small towns that are on the threshold developing into cities, as well myriad home loan options, should help to boost the real estate market in the coming years.

Top 4 Cities in Which to Consider Buying

Ahmedabad, Gujrat: We all know that the Prime Minister has done an amazing job at turning around the infrastructure of Gujrat during his tenure as Chief Minister of the state. Ahmedabad being one the prime cities of the state has seen rapid development by way of bullet trains and Gujrat International Finance Tech (GIFT) Smart City at the completion of which, the city can expect an onslaught of IT jobs. The fact that there are reasonable real estate investment options makes it a lucrative city to invest in.

Nagpur, Maharashtra: It is often referred to as the fastest growing city in the country. While the MIHAN and SEZ projects have contributed to creating job opportunities in the city, the state government’s efforts to invite IT investments to the city promises to bring even more. Therefore, real estate prices will probably soar in the coming years in Nagpur. Now is a good time to go in for a home loan and invest in the city of oranges.

Hyderabad, Telangana: This is the only tier 1 city in the list, which is still offering affordable prices for well-developed residential complexes. Historically rich, the city has also developed into the home for IT and ITeS jobs over the years which has given it an impetus to enhance its infrastructure. Moreover, this city also provides excellent job opportunities for those from a Humanities background, whether by way of housing a number eminent national newspapers or some of the best centralized universities in the country.

Kochi, Kerala: Kochi is worth a special mention because while the real estate sector in the city has been thriving, the majority of its ventures are focused on affordable homes for the mid-income range. Coupled with affordable home loan options, the variety of reasonably priced homes packed with all the modern amenities that one looks for in a home, makes this beautiful green city a great choice to invest in.