Even a Jackass Gains Spirit from Company of His Own Kind

“You know, the jackass doesn’t have much sensibility. But even he gains spirit from the company of his own kind.” — Rumi

Mullah Nasruddin & his donkey

You know how it is when you commit to a practice every morning, like Yoga, and then for whatever reason you miss a day and you feel it all the way to your bones and behind your eyes?

Muscles tighten, mind gets foggy, mood is less than elevated…


Days like that I feel nowhere near as vital as I could be, want to be, need to be… especially since becoming a dad.

(I could go on a tangent here about Olympic runners having a hard time keeping up with toddlers, but I’ll save it.)

But let me back up just a bit.

My own practice doesn’t involve very many physical asanas these days. The Yoga I do is PoemYoga and my meditations frequently happen whilst in the midst of seemingly mundane activity — chop wood, carry water, change a diaper…

But in the morning when everything is still and quiet there’s this ritual that I have: I write my own story, then I read it back to myself.

While I’m at it, I set my intention on the alignment of Spirit, Mind, Emotion and Form — the Body Whole.

Sometimes I only have three minutes. Sometimes it’s 33. And while I prefer the 33 to three, the effect remains the same. I’ve primed myself to have the day that I want to have.

A day in which I’ll remain focused — on love, service and remembrance.

A day in which I’ll see, be grateful for, and be abundance.

A day in which I’ll write to empower myself and others, be present during my interactions with people, be the best dad that I can be.

Because the days make up the life, and that’s the kind of life I want to have.

(But wait, there’s more.)

Recently a friend of mine said to me, “You are my Soul Champion!”

I told her truly that she is also mine…

That this Work can be “lonely” but no one does it alone. Unless alone means all-one.

Now, where I am, in the wilds of a territory that boasts a town population of 348, people rarely “drop by.” And I’m a writer (equals no co-workers)…

That’s okay. I even like it.

But it means that being with “company of my own kind”, in the physical sense, isn’t a phenom that happens often.

Enter the online communities of writers, artists and creatives that I belong to and interact with almost daily.

Enter Super Soul Models the likes of Andréa Balt, Tony Robbins, and John Assaraf (founder of NeuroGym and inspiration for the neuroplastic elastic gymnastics I’m known to go on about).

Because (the rest of the quote from above): “…when the jackass crosses the desert alone, how many more blows it takes to get him there. Now, this is what this poem says to you: If you’re not a jackass, don’t cross the desert alone!

It’s immeasurably helpful to be part of a tribe, to have access to motivation and support at the clickety clack of a keyboard, to know that there are others out there who are doing the same kind of Work that we are.

I recommend it highly.

A finer point on it: I haven’t missed my morning practice for over seven months now. For any reason. And I know I never will again.

(Even if I can still be a jackass from time to time.)

And I owe that to reaching out, getting connected and staying that way.

This Work may be done alone, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

To your braying tribe of travelers,

Matias O’Din

P.S. Burn up the map and leave for the territory at www.matiasodin.com.

See you in the desert, friends.