How to come up with an business idea?

I’ve started a few businesses, some were succesful, others were not. A lot of people wants to start their own business, but when i ask them when they are actually going to launch the business they alway respond in the same way: “Well, I haven’t really found the right idea” and “Im still waiting for the idea”, “I haven’t really got the time right now”, etc.

What i found out myself is that succes comes in the process. It is not only about “finding the great idea”. In most cases the great idea never really comes to you if you just wait for it to happen.

When something goes into motion it stays in motion. Thats is just how it is. The great idea is created in the proces itself.

That is why it is so important to just getting started. Otherwise you will just be waiting for nothing.

All succesful people realises this..

There is one thing is this world that has the ability to change your whole world in an instant. It is you.

The secret to getting ahead in this world, is first getting started. You cant let fear stand in the way of your dreams.

What makes someone good at at something? It is the concept of taking that little idea of yours a executing it to take as far as possible. It simply comes down to how hungry you are. How hungry are you to improve?

The succesful people don’t care about negative people. They don’t stop because of faliure. They don’t take days off! They are 100% determined to reaching their goals.

Ask yourself — Are you moving closer to reaching your goals? If not, get in motion.

I started by myself with only a few dollars in my pocket. The webshop isn’t really building on some amazingly great idea, but it is now one of the leading webshops in the country.

Don’t just wait for the great idea. It will never appear unless you are in motion yourself.