Informe “State of Agile” 2016

Ya esta disponible para su consulta el 10° informe “State of Agile” que realiza anualmente la empresa VersionOne en base a una encuesta que hace a empresas de todos los tamaños y sobre todo a las grandes.

Scrum sigue siendo la reina de las prácticas y le sigue de cerca una mix entre SCRUM y XP.

Pueden descargar el informe de clic aquí

Estas son algunas de las cuestiones que destacan:

Larger enterprises are embracing agile
 24% of respondents work for organizations with 20,000+ employees.

Agile is scaling
Scrum still dominates, but the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) made a big jump this year.

Agile talent and experience is growing
 63% said they were ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ knowledgeable about agile.

Agile is going global
 26% of the respondents work in Europe, and more than 18% work in Asia, South America, Oceania, and Africa.

You’re succeeding with agile
 95% reported that their organizations practice agile, and only 1% had experienced agile failure.

Agile Methodologies Used

When asked what agile methodology is followed most closely, nearly 70% of respondents practice Scrum (58%) or Scrum/XP hybrid (10%)

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