As many of you, we have been working hard on GDPR the last sprint.

And we realise that our app has a lot of dependencies to external SDKs. Marketing needs a new tracking, import SDK-A. We need deep linking, import SDK-B, we also need to track ads, import SDK-C, what about in app notifications… SDK-D

🐞 Problem

All this fancy SDKs give us a lot of issues

  • Have you ever seen an AppDelegate like this?
func appDidFinishLaunching... {
Firebase.logLevel = .verbose
return true
  • If we have a new Swift version, we need to wait until all…

📋 Introduction

Blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century, it is going to be compared with the Internet protocol suite, the printing press or the industrial revolution. The good thing is that the blockchain is still maturing and we have plenty of potential to find great problems that we can apply this technology.

So, what is the Blockchain? It is just a distributed database of records. But it is not private like the rest of the db, it is a public database ❤️. Everyone who is using this database must have a fully or partial copy of…

Matias Villaverde

I have code for breakfast 🍳

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