Waking up before others, including family, friends and colleagues, is a powerful routine. Basically, I don’t touch my phone for the first 30–60 minutes of every day. Period. The reason for this was that the first few moments I wanted to either walk, read or just be present without scrolling through social media and emails.

After a few weeks I started checking my phone while I was still in bed and nothing really changed (no angry customers, emails, texts and so on…) until I started reading emails where people complained about something, about the business not going as planned, customer complaint, partner cancelled the deal or even just what Trump tweeted while I was asleep…

Entrepreneurs have to face many hurdles and failures, but if they have a good mentor, it becomes easier for them to deal with hurdles and emotional breakdowns. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, a mentor helps you guide through difficult times and keep you are running even in adverse situations. With all the experience and contacts they can help you build better business networks.

Finding the right mentor is vital and there are chances that you might someone who is talented, but not a good mentor. …

Since November was not so productive — I used the term “idle mode” for November and looked back at some (not all) milestones that happened in 2019.

Here’s how my year went:

👶 Become a father.

🔥 Sold Supporthero.io, Paris based business that (still) provides an advanced knowledge base system for SaaS apps. SH serves +1500 customers in +60 countries to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, optimise customer support requirements and reduce support tickets by up to 50%.

*Thanks to Florian, my co-founder and Emeric an early investor.

📖 Read 32 books (of 50)

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