By bringing knowledge to farmers, we are bringing power to their hands. And they are the ones that shape our future.

The Power of Knowledge in Agriculture

The world is moving forward faster than ever before. Access to knowledge and real-time information has never been higher. But, how is this affecting the world’s most important industry — agriculture?

But first, let’s get a bit into agricultural statistics. 98% of all farms in the world are SME farms and they produce 56% of global food production. The other 2% are enterprise agricultural companies that produce 44% of global food production, have sufficient capital to invest in latest technologies to keep track with technology-edge and maximum efficiency.

The rise of agtech industry is bringing various technologies and software solutions that are available to SME farmers too, so they are finally getting tools to keep their production efficient and sustainable. If we take a look at above mentioned statistics, it is clear that SME farmers have the largest potential to significantly increase global food production by bringing their production to the level of resource-efficient and sustainable production.

How are these novelties in agtech industry affecting farmers?

Best-practice knowledge

There are new crop varieties, growing techniques, technologies and best-practice experiences being discovered every day. It is very hard for a farmer to only find out about the vast amount of these novelties and when it comes to filtering these information and identifying the important ones, we are talking about mission impossible. Exactly identifying the important information — knowledge of best-practice agricultural processes, technologies and techniques is one of the most important roles of new-generation farm management software solutions.

Master your own data

There is a lot of work done on a farm every day. Tracking all of the data is crucial for building the solid foundation for making any business-wise decision. This literally understands tracking everything that can be tracked — work hours, mechanization hours and route, usage of fuel, fertilizers and pesticides, irrigation, soil conditions and all other possible information. This allows farmers to get in-depth overview of their production, understand every detail of it and identify possible improvements and cost-savings. Mastering your own data is the key for data-driven decision making.

Real-time information

Having instant insight into the latest data related to agricultural production itself and business part of the agriculture as well is very important to protect a farming business against various risks and ensure profitable and sustainable business. Accurate weather monitoring per each field, real-time pest and disease detection or market prices monitoring are just a few examples of real-time information that are valuable and if a farmer misses them — can experience a serious damage to his business like lower yield caused by late crop protection or hail, or lower revenue caused by missed opportunity to sell at high price.

Farm management knowledge mix

Farmers have never had so much tools, knowledge and opportunities to increase their agricultural business — the era of modern farming had began.

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