Almost half of 2016 is gone and You’re still not finished in answering my calls. I’m speechless in amazement. My major prayer points this year are almost done answered with more than I’ve asked for. I’m awestruck because I think that I didn’t deserve these but You gave then to me anyway.

I’m embracing change in almost all the aspects. Its exhilarating to experience new things and I became so accustomed with it since last year may it be major shifts or little ones. There are times that I think that my human strength can’t handle and I know You’re doing this to crush my pride of thinking I can do this alone. There’s some major character building in progress and my proud system is not happy about it. But here You are keeping me in line to the path you You made for me.

I can’t comprehend what you are doing in my life right now and at times I’m afraid to ask but I know that it will always work for the better.

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