Currently waiting for my bus homebound. It really is true no? If its for you, its for you. So after years avoiding chicken pox, i finally have it and by the time that i will be back in the office, i will be filing my resignation.

So I got into thinking, why haven’t I had this when i was in grade school or other school levels and remembered that every time there was a breakout i never ceased praying that i will not by infected. God really answers prayers until yesterday i think or the other day.

Apparently, i already saw one blob yesterday and still went to work and i was already not feeling good that time. Bad move because the following they are all there. And so now, i decided that i go home to hear comforting words from my mom that everything will be okay. Btw, my dad is still not talking to me about that Baguio trip and i think, my pride took it from him.

Two major thins i realized:

  1. God let me experienced being alone in Baguio free from worries and i really did enjoy it:
  2. So chicken pox happened and i realized that being alone when you’re sick is the worst and i just broke down crying this morning while on the phone with my mama thinking what will happen to my face

But these two things is really just a preparation of what’s up ahead. I just thank you Lord for the experience and i know that there are still things in store good and not so good just to prepare me with the biggest decision of my life by far.

I am not kidding that this is the most alone, uncomfortable feeling that i ever felt but all this is just to make me stronger. I love you Lord. This is for me 🙌🏻

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