Harvey Hodd and Rory Jeffries, Co-founders of Blueprint.

Why can’t online purchasing be as easy as asking “Hey, can I have some more?” I’m thrilled to announce our investment in e-commerce disrupter Blueprint’s £1M Seed investment round, alongside Magnus Rausing and Founders Factory. At a time when friction-less online retail and customer service is so crucial, Blueprint are reimagining how we purchase and communicate with our favourite brands online. We are excited to back Harvey Hodd and the team (you can read the announcement in The Telegraph).

Investing in strong entrepreneurs who are solving massive problems they’ve personally faced isn’t exactly a tough decision. When I first met…

‘AI Invest’ event @ Hambro Perks office

This week, we held our first AI Invest event at Hambro Perks. Technology experts, entrepreneurs and AI practitioners discussed the latest trends, opportunities and challenges of these new technologies.

I talked about our AI investment strategy alongside a stellar panel that I’ve known for many years. Charlie Beckett (Professor and director of Polis, the LSE’s journalism think-tank), Alessandro Ialongo (AI researcher, Cambridge University/Max Planck) and Tim Porter (Founder, Kare, an Hambro Perks portfolio company).

You can find the video recording of the conference here.

I’m very excited to share some personal news: this week I’m joining Hambro Perks as a Principal on the investment team in London. I’m grateful to the team for this amazing opportunity and the confidence shown in me.

I will be investing in early-stage technology companies (Seed and Series A) with a focus on fin-tech, health, B2B Saas, media and consumer tech. I can’t wait to partner with entrepreneurs building foundational technology companies and to help our existing portfolio scale globally.

Why I’m excited to work with Hambro Perks

I know they are the best backers because I have been one of their founders.

Hambro Perks was the…

VCs invest in less than 1% of the companies they meet. Here’s a manual to help you beat the odds.

Seed investments today look more like the Series A rounds of a few years ago. Given this recent shift in the fundraising environment, many founders are wondering: what does it take to run a successful seed round?

As a Principal at Hambro Perks VC and mentor for Startup Bootcamp, I’ve spent a lot of time this summer advising startups on fundraising. This week, I presented a course for Agora on ‘how to fundraise’ for pre-seed and seed rounds (video here)…

For the first four months of this year, I had the most amazing job as head of digital marketing for the Congress Party in the Indian general elections.

I published an article for The London School of Economics on my experience:


In the article, I explain how we built a model based on data, research and engagement and how data and digital technologies are transforming political campaigning in the world’s biggest democracy.


Mayank and I met at a pub in Covent Garden, the day after the Brexit vote. We chatted about how our friends had started blocking each other on Facebook because of comments on the 2015 election and Brexit. Initially, we thought this behaviour was hilarious — but the more we discussed it, the scarier it became. Why were they so surprised — and angry — to find people holding views that differed from their own? Had they really never encountered these ideas before?

Matilde Giglio

I built Compass News, I ran digital for the Congress Party (2019 Indian general election), I now invest in early-stage tech entrepreneurs.

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