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Winter is coming

Pay attention to your wallet!

Several Brands all around the world are using the Game of Thrones iconic slogan and actors to advertise their products. The show of records is giving voice to Brands across industries and latitudes. Reasons are easy to find.

GOT is watched in 173 countries around the world and the last episode of the 7th season recorded 16.5 million views (the 8th season will be released in 2019). Since 2011 it has collected 128 Oscar nominations and 47 Oscar prizes. Each episode has a budget of 6–8 millions of US dollars, with a tremendously high ROI: a season is supposed to be worth between 692 million and more than one billion US dollars (according respectively to Showtime and the New York Times). 60 merchandising licenses close the circle, ensuring GOT lovers a perfect kit to show off.

Keeping this numbers in mind, it is now easy to understand why so many Brands are using the John Snow & Co to shape and make customers love their products! From Banks to Universities, from Tech to Beverage companies, no-one is immune from the GOT-mania. Even the UK Royal Mail decided to release a limited edition of 15 stamps with the face of the most famous characters!

Here you can find some of the funniest commercials! Sit on the sofa, bring your cover and have fun!

  1. White Walker

A new blended whisky produced by Johnny Walker in collaboration with GoT. The limited edition is priced at US$36 and the bottles have a special graphic that brings customers to the Frozen North. It goes by itself that it is best served from the freezer!

2. Stand out, go North
 BI Norwegian Business School
is using Game of Thrones to put emphasis on the role that the university can assume in helping young people to find the job of their dreams in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive.

3. Welcome to the Hot South

Dolce e Gabbana brought Daenerys Targaryen e Jon Snow in a completely different context with respect to the one we are used to see them: Naples. In the alleys of the city, among crowds of people partying and eating food, the two actors dance, laugh… and advertise perfumes!

4. Lunchtime is coming!

The global fast food chain KFC used Kristian Nairn in his commercial for Ireland and UK markets. Dressed like a waiter, Hodor tries to convince customers to order the new lunch menu with chicken and rice.

5. Love in the time of Apple TV

If there is an Apple TV, even romanticism is secondary! Apple knows this and used Jamie Lannister to create a story to remember!