Contemplations on Learning to Code: For real?

I think I wrote 47,000 for loops before I realized I was writing a set of directions that repeated for as long as I told it to.

for (starting the count here; for this long; going up by this much){

do this

The do this is done over and over for this long.

for this long got confusing for me when it turned into an expression and not just a number. If I start the count at zero, and tell the program to go until the count is 17, while going up by 1 … I can see what I’ll get back.

But when I was asked to define the count by the length of an array, or the length of an array minus 3 because the last indices don’t matter for whatever reason, my brain kept breaking. So when conditions got weirder, I was already not following, so it didn’t make a difference.

Then at iteration 47,000 of writing iterations, I saw I was just iterating for a certain amount of time, and doing something at each iteration.