Good article, though people shouldn’t be confused by the leadership.
Business Cat

You mean Saleh was strong armed into giving up the Presidency to Hadi after a failed assasination attempt on him . I imagine it was ither ‘do this or we kill you and your family’ kinda deal to give legitimacy to Hadi it was all orchestrated by GCC. The elections he run for show later were one candidate affair. So you could hardly say Hadi has much legitimacy. In any case foreign invaders playing puppeters in yemen are totali ligitimate target and fingers crossed that Yemenis make them bleed real bad. Considering that just obut every tool oused against huthis has Made in USA on it and prolonged US drone campaign prior to the uprising they have every right to percieve US as the enemy.

Like it or not US is backing the wrong side in this conflict and is complicit in warcrimes and famine that is a resoult of naval blocade.

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