13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

Interesting piece. And some good arguments. Also, some less good arguments.

On #3 — “Imagine you’re in your fifties. You own your own house. You don’t live in London. You voted Tory in 2010 and 2015 but voted Labour under Blair.” I can’t. Because none of that is true. What I do know is that I’m young, don’t and can’t own a house, live in London, and would love to vote for someone who vaguely represents my views. Corbyn’s support suggests I’m not the only one. Those votes, and the energy, movement, and voices they bring, matter too.

On #5 — I don’t think he’s planning on shifting the country leftwards. Labour, maybe. The country? No. But he is planning on representing left-leaning voters. In the last election, that was left to the SNP and the Greens. That was a woeful strategy, and it hurt Labour in ways that would have been inconceivable a generation ago.

On #9 — Voting Corbyn is not like giving up on dieting and eating cheese. It’s like abandoning fad dieting in the face of repeated evidence that such diets don’t work.

On #13 — “If you can afford another 15 years of the Tories, do remind yourself that there’s other people who can’t.” Isn’t the point that noone can ‘afford’ another 15 years of Tory policies? Isn’t Labour meant to be a collective movement? Isn’t this talk of ‘us’ and ‘them’ polarising, patronising, and a large part of the reason that people feel so detached from Westminster in the first place? Corbyn is the only candidate who seems to get this. Maybe instead of voting on ‘their’ behalf, ‘they’ may find someone who actually represents ‘them’, and may vote ‘themselves’.

There is not absolute right or wrong in this election. Voting for who you think can win overlooks the much bigger, more important, question of what they’re trying to win, and why. And if elections were so straightforward, we’d have won three months ago

If you agree with Cooper, Burnham or Kendall, great — vote for them. If you agree with Corbyn, vote for him. Labour can work on the electoral politics once its own house is in order.

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