Compiled List of Cool Stuff

I recently compiled a list of things that interest me for a friend that I don’t often get to see. I decided I’d also share it here so that maybe someone else could benefit. I’ll continue to update this as time progresses to keep it relevant to actual interests. If you have suggestions of amazing products or services that I should add, let me know!

— Time Management —

Pomodoro Technique: 30 Minutes of Focused Activity

Use 30-ish min intervals of focus to accomplish stuff and not waste time. I use this every single day to keep myself on track with what I need to get done.

For macOS, I recommend Be Focused. Track How You Spend Time

Give it a try! It’s a good resource for managing time and staying productive. What you REALLY spend your time on may even surprise you.

— Self — Ambient Noise, Breathing, and Meditation

If you don’t meditate or do deep-breathing, you should. 1 or 2 minutes every morning is a great start and really worth it. Or if you prefer to listen to something that doesn’t have words while you focus, the site has several good ambient noise tracks. Great articles for light or serious reading

You’re already here! :) Medium is a great way to discover what others are thinking and to keep up with how different fields, such as software development, are changing. I read my feed every morning.


— Code — PHP Framework for Artisans

This is my go-to framework for web development. It has an amazing array of features and a growing, supportive community (like Laracasts below). Laravel, itself, has made me a better programmer by providing conventions and techniques that force me to write more elegant code. Even the documentation is fantastic. Thank you, Taylor Otwell.

Products Ecosystem: Video Tutorials & Forums for Laravel, VueJS, and more

This site is AMAZING! Check out the “Laravel From Scratch” series to really dig into Laravel. There is a community forum for asking questions at an audience who knows the topics well. Thank you, Jeffrey Way. The Best IDE Company IMO

This company produces some of the more feature-rich integrated development environments available. And they keep growing. They have even developed their own programming language, called Kotlin, that was made the official language of Android in June of 2017. One of my favorite things about this company is that they have super fair pricing schemes. If you are a non-profit or student, you can even get their full suite of applications for free.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. ☺️