Impact of VR and AR on Design

Design tools back in the days and now

I think what we`ve been able to do is just release the creativity of people
- John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems Inc.

Precision and flexibility are in the nature of computers. Because of this, the challenge of hardware and software design is to create intuitive user experiences. E.g. user interfaces try to model real world scenarios. There is a reason why the desktop is called “desktop,” and why text editors have page layouts.

Painting with Oculus Medium by Goro Fujita
Visualization of a hotel interiour design. VR was used in this production
Visual Programming in NoFlo. Even visual programming (connecting blocks) is done better on a 2D surface, because processes from block to block can be displayed simpler
Could this be the desktop of the future? Hardware is displayed in yellow and virtual objects (holograms) in green.



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Matthäus Niedoba

Matthäus Niedoba

I help people to build complex software products. Currently, as a Product Designer at, working on decision automation platforms.