3 Critical Reasons You’re Falling Short as a Marketer (Unless You’re Like Miles Davis)

What aspiring world-class marketer wouldn’t love a shortcut?

The next silver-bullet trick to rake in cash from Facebook, SEO, or tomorrow’s conversion hack seems too good to be true… because it is.

Spoiler alert: There’s no magic formula to marketing (or success in any arena that truly matters.

That’s why marketers who win will improvise every day like a masterful jazz musician.

You’ll have to re-learn everything you think you know about “marketing playbooks” that “always” work if you want a fighting chance.

Use these three stepping stones as your guide to see if you’re pushing yourself to riff and grow with every project — or if you’re just going through the same tired motions as everyone else.

Your next project should require a new secret sauce (but are you experimenting to find one?)

Are you using the same design for every website you create? The same copy for every Facebook Ad? What a waste.

You’ll have to struggle to uncover the really good stuff.

That turn of phrase that sends off a lightbulb in someone’s mind or killer piece of copywriting didn’t materialize from thin air.

Experimenting with hundreds of tiny tests — and failures — is the only way you’re going to get any good at all.

Embrace change and test a new message, try a new tool, and give yourself space for tiny disappointments.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the hidden secrets you discover along the way.

The market moves at lightspeed now ( but you don’t.)

Ten years ago it seemed impossible to have a usable email client on your mobile phone.

Today, we’re using the same devices to augment reality. That’s insane!

Facebook ads update like clockwork. A new flock of creative apps launch daily.

If you’re just an observer, you miss out when technology moves at warp speed.

Don’t get too comfortable with the things have “always been done.” When you get comfortable, you get boring.

Get your hands dirty with new apps you wouldn’t normally use. Expose yourself to new art. Record a video instead of defaulting to another blog post.

“Move fast and break things” absolutely carries its downsides, but it’s also the key to unlocking smart, on-the-fly solutions to tough problems.

Everyone’s customers have evolved (and there’s no sign of them slowing down!)

Wouldn’t it be simpler if everyone just read your emails all the way through AND clicked every link?

Or watched every video you published on repeat?

Or paused for 10 minutes to admire your latest design piece?

Or sent you a cold email asking to learn more about your latest feature?

But they won’t (and shouldn’t.)

Today’s hottest content marketing trend is already halfway out the door and your website might be getting a tiny bit less relevant with each Google algorithm tweak. So how will YOU adapt?

There’s a reason we still love timeless jazz musicians like Miles Davis. They could swerve, pivot, and freestyle their way through a song with head-spinning skill — but at the end of the day, their work was just plain good.

That’s the ultimate challenge: Roll with the punches, but create something so good it won’t have an expiration date for deserving attention.

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