Your Mattress Can Improve Your Sex Life

Which is the best mattress for sex? In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best mattress that will make you the next Adonis or Aphrodite thus leaving your partner wanting for more. Of course, some factors might be critical for you while some may be of less importance. Note that we are not going to ramble much about the technical details and sleep but yes, it is better to consider these points when you are buying a mattress in addition to how it affects the sexual performance.


A study from shows that 2 out of 3 Americans hate their mattress and face sleep deprivation. Thus making them doze off at most embarassing places/situations including church, bathroom, standing in line, while performing sex etc. But that’s not the worst part. 6 out of 10 Americans crave for more sleep than sex, says Better Sleep.

Now you might be a side sleeper or a back sleeper but as long as you hit the sack peacefully, you are on the right way for excellent impact on your sex and rock your performance in bed. Now picture this — snoring during sex. It ain’t pretty, is it? Sadly but true, studies show that old mattress reduces the bouncing effect and lead to poor performance. Mattress used more than 5 years old can actually cut down faster climax and even lessen the orgasm level.

Best mattress for sex — Criterias that you need to consider

Responsive Bed

It simply implies how easily your mattress adjusts with your body as you move around. Mattresses that respond slowly can make you feel like having sex in quick sand. Ideal mattresses such as saatva move with you while providing a stable base.



Bounce is just a bouncing effect that you feel in your mattress as opposed to rigid base that simply absorbs the impact. Many consumers love the bouncing as it helps them in maintaining a rhythm for certain sexual positions thus increasing the enjoyment.


While you might want it loud, you certainly don’t want your mattress to scream with you. You got to have certain amount of discreetion and the ideal mattress for sex will help you maintain discreet performance by absorbing the energy and keeping low key.



The durability of your mattress can certainly be tested during sexual performance. If your mattress can withstand repeated “adventures” without breaking, your mattress is a keeper.

Edge support

Just as the sexual positions vary, your mattress must be able to have good support edge to edge and play it safe on the pressure points assisting the performance. The best sexy mattress will always be the one that withstands excellent pressure and weigh directly on the mattress edges.


Comfort is among the prominent criteria without which you don’t want to be there straining your body. Some of the best mattresses are the ones that put minimal strain on knees, hands, buttocks etc. and allow the users to hold a position for a while without making them uncomfortable.


Best mattresses for sex


Saatva mattress

Saatva mattress is one of those small and rare brands available online that still constructs mattress using traditional innersprings. They are not any other company that manufactures ordinary innerspring mattress. The coil on coil construction in the mattress not only provides good support but also delivers an impressive bouncability.

Originally published at on September 30, 2015.