Like a Dog with Two Tails: HADAX and Huobi Next

The Huobi Group has decided to upgrade HADAX to Huobi NEXT and combine it with Huobi Global.

Following July’s successful community contest, the MATRIX community was aflutter. Excitement abound about MATRIX being listed on another of the world’s premiere exchanges.

But nothing happened.

Now, the reason has been made clear: restructuring within the Huobi Group. According to Huobi’s official release:

“Huobi Group has decided to upgrade HADAX to Huobi NEXT and combine it with Huobi Global from a long-term strategic perspective. The merged Huobi NEXT will be displayed in a unified interface with Huobi Global, where trading of all coins on the HADAX will be moved to Huobi Global.”

This change serves to bolster the MATRIX team in their efforts to fix many of the issues plaguing the mainstream adoption of blockchain solutions such as the massive, unnecessary and ultimately damaging programming barriers introduced by Ethereum smart contracts and the stifling system throughput speeds limiting the usability of competing projects.

Nothing would be possible without the entirety of the MATRIX community believing in a shared vision and working hard to improve the project day-by-day. As such, everyone at MATRIX hopes to continue to work hard alongside our community managers and the entire community. According to MATRIX AI Network Senior Business Manager, Mr. Simon Han, MATRIX has already begun to gain very good momentum and will “grow this momentum towards MATRIX’s next major milestones including the impending Testnet and Mainnet.

Huobi, founded in 2013, is the 3rd largest exchange in the world, by trading volume. It’s monthly trading volume exceed USD 18 billion.

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