Owen Tao, CEO of MATRIX, was invited to participate in the Huobi Group 2018 Global Partner Appreciation Banquet

On March 30, 2018, Beijing time, the Huobi Group held the “Huobi Group 2018 Global Partner Appreciation Banquet” conference in Sanya, Hainan. Owen Tao, MATRIX CEO, was invited to attend the event.

Owen Tao, CEO of MATRIX, signed in at the site of the Huobi Group 2018 Global Partner Appreciation Banquet

The founder, chairman and CEO of Huobi Group, Leon Li and other senior executives of Huobi Group attended the event. The CEO of MATRIX was invited as a VIP to participate in the event and will establish a strategic partnership with Huobi.

Owen Tao, CEO of MATRIX, and Leon Li, CEO of Huobi, at the conference
MATRIX CEO Owen Tao at the venue

In addition to the senior executives of Huobi, the event also welcomed various scholars, experts and investors from the blockchain field including Xu Xiaoping and Zhou Shuoji. At the conference, a number of projects were launched, and many awards were issued to various blockchain projects.

We would like to congratulate Huobi on the successful event and we wish them continued success as they expand their exchange service natively into the US and Korean markets. We are extremely excited about our strategic partnership and will provide further details about it at the appropriate time.

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