What the Tech? Matrix Verification Masternode Earnings Report

Where are we now? Matrix Verification Masternode participation incentive statistics.

A few weeks back, the Matrix team published an update outlining the participation incentives available to Matrix Masternodes. While this article provided some clarification about reward mechanisms, questions about how reward distribution would play out in a real-world setting remained — particularly as it concerned Matrix Verification Masternodes. While the Matrix AI Network’s participation incentives will continue to adapt, change and normalize, the Matrix team thought it appropriate to share current Verification Masternode participation incentive statistics with the Matrix community.


  • Data covers the April 13th, 2019 to April 30th, 2019 period;
  • Data only considers block rewards. Stake rewards and other incentives such as airdrops are not included in the calculation;
  • Only Verification Masternodes that have been online for at least 2500 total minutes are included to ensure greater accuracy and scalability of results;
  • Faulty Verification Masternodes that have never received any rewards are excluded.

Verification Masternode Annual ROI

Annual ROI assumes 100% uptime


1. How many Verification Masternodes are included in this dataset?

Between April 13th and April 30th, 2019, a total of 141 Verification Masternodes were online for at least 2500 minutes. The number of recorded Verification Masternodes per stake level is as follows:

2. Why are there so many Verification Masternodes included in the data?

In an effort to have more accurate results, if an individual Masternode added to their stake such that their Masternode entered a new level, they were considered as two separate nodes; so long as the Masternode spent more than 2500 minutes online at both stake levels.

3. Why are there large, seemingly random, deviations between stake levels?

There are several factors contributing to this including the relatively low minimum uptime requirement for inclusion in this data set (2500 minutes) and the unequal number of nodes at each stake level. Additionally, early nodes were impacted by the presence of Matrix Foundation nodes — which have since all been taken offline.

Raising the requirements to being online for over 5000 minutes or 10,000 minutes yields different results. It will take more time for rewards to normalize.

Final Thoughts

The data presented above may not fully predict future rewards as the Matrix team continues to tweak and make improvements to the Matrix AI Network. Rewards are also impacted by the total number of online Masternodes. However, if you find that your current performance differs greatly from the data listed above, your node likely isn’t properly deployed. If you are experiencing issues with your Matrix Masternode, please send an email to public@matrix.io or contact a member of the Matrix team on Telegram.

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