Finding Space

This post is part of a collection called “A Page in my Journal” which exposes a bit of my reflective and emotional side. It’s literally an excerpt from my personal journal, shared with you.

A reflection on finding space to escape to, and creating space to exist within…
It is days like these…
Days when I need to rummage through the forest and find space.
The light of an open meadow between tribes of trees.

Where the silence pulls my heels into the dirt,
and numbs my skin.
Space where breath is benign.
Space to lean up against a tree and close my eyes.
Space to capsize and rebuild.

Does this space exist?
Is it waiting for me somewhere?
Must I create it?

There are choices I make every day. These choices are organized in the form of priorities on a grand list of things I need to do and want to do. It truly is an art to be able to ignore the things that need to be done, in order to do the things you want. And then there are things I must do. “Must” is unique because it denotes that something be done without delay. Separating items into the “must” pile are important for the health of my mind and sanity. I must go into that room, shut the door, turn up the music and do practice some yoga. I must…because that will create the space I need. But with “must” comes sacrifice. There will always be a shift, a transformation and subtle re-alignment of the world you write, line by line.

Listen to your heart…
Turn your head toward the finger-tapping of your soul.
The beat of your inner-voice will always be different than the beat of the world around you.
It is imperative that you listen to both.
And know they work together,
To shed light on what you want, need and must do.

Create space.
With your body, with your mind, with your voice.

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Thanks for reading! — Julie

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