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In this article I’ll describe the prosess how we designed UI and UX for our own switch. I’ll explain feelings and thoughts we had during the process.

Our team have been working on an app for a while, and the time has now come to develop the Settings screen. This is where users can customize the experience of the app. Switches are a natural part of such a Settings view.

🤩 Let’s find some inspiration!

To get inspiration, we looked at previous work. First we turned our eyes to iOS Settings.

With animation we create the body language of our design

Below is an example on how effective animation can be.

At WWDC 2018 Apple introduced some design principles they called Fluid Interfaces. This article builds upon that knowledge and this is in a way a breakdown of its most important approaches.

Fluid Interfaces is all about prioritizing the user. We want the user to understand what the system is trying to communicate, and we also want the user to feel control.

😁 Fluid Interfaces

Fluid Interfaces is described as a frictionless experience that just feels “right”. But what exactly do we mean with “it just feels right”?

Mats Hauge

I like to focus on the feeling one gets while using UX with well-developed animations #ux #animations #design #apps #nature

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