Top 15 Quotes on Money (by Matshona Dhliwayo)

1. Money grows on sweat, not trees.

2. An ounce of wisdom can earn you a ton of gold.

3. Good health is better than great wealth.

4. Love in your heart is better than gold in your hands.

5. Making money is intelligence; saving money is wisdom. Squandering money is imprudence; sharing money is virtue.

6. Sense will buy you more than dollars.

7. Your mind is capital when you have none. Your heart is money when you have none. Your soul is wealth when you have none. Your life is your investment when you have none.

8. If you choose money over love, you will always be poor.

9. The richest people in the world are those with the most things that money cannot buy.

10. Money doesn’t help if your mind is poor; strength doesn’t help if your heart is weak; possessions don’t help if your soul is empty.

11. Be happy when you work, thankful when you earn, cautious when you spend, shrewd when you save, and charitable when you give.

12. Joy in poverty is better than misery in riches.

13. A penny from God will take you further than a dollar from the devil.

14. A wise person can never be truly poor; a foolish person can never be truly rich.

15. If you have money, you are affluent; if you have joy, you are wealthy; and if you have love, you are rich.

Charity is fortune,

avarice is poverty,

peace is treasure,

and happiness is wealth. ~Matshona Dhliwayo

If all you have is money, you are among the poorest people in the world. ~Matshona Dhliwayo
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