The first impression of DMM English.


  • Hi, I’m Matt. I’m living in Japan.
  • I started working as a PdM for an Ed-Tech Company, based in Vietnam.
  • A large part of a product manager’s job is communication.
  • I have no problem with my English reading and writing skills because of helping from applications (DeepL, Grammarly…)
  • But speaking and listening skills are horrible.
  • So, I decided to take English classes by DMM English.


  • When you reserve a class, you can choose which English materials to study.
  • I chose the “Daily News” as my lesson material. It is one of the original materials of DMM English.
    Ref. People Respond Best Without Deadlines, Study Finds
  • I was afraid of English conversation. However, Angel who is my first teacher is so kind and friendly.
  • When I didn’t understand some English sentences, he taught me the same meaning in simple English.
  • In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been so afraid of English conversation.
  • Now I need to get used to speaking in English. I want to actively take English classes.


  • +) I didn’t feel nervous because I had prepared for the lesson.
  • +) I felt the English accent of the teacher. I think I need to used to understand the SEA accent. I will choose a teacher from the Philippines next time as well.
  • −) I guess I need to prepare more and tell the teacher that I don’t need to check vocabulary and sentences. Because of checking them, we wasted a lot of time in the class. I should focus on discussion and speak in English more.
  • −) Maybe I should take more free-talk lessons instead of learning from other material. I need to be able to speak and listen to English, even in situations where I am not prepared. Of course, It is difficult but will improve my English more.

Next Action

  • Continue to choose teachers from the Philippines.
  • Reserve some classes and use “Daily News” during weekdays. Make sure to prepare for the lesson and use the time for discussion.
  • On holiday, I’ll reserve the “Free-Talk” classes.

This is the first time to write in Medium. I learned a lot about how to explain to users in English on the UI.




I started working as a PdM for an Edtech company based in Vietnam. I’m studying every day to improve my English skills.

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I started working as a PdM for an Edtech company based in Vietnam. I’m studying every day to improve my English skills.

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