Jeremy Olander Talks About Touring, Music, His Label Vivrant and More

Jeremy Olander

A jack of many trades, Jeremy effortlessly floats between his eponymously released deep and emotionally charged progressive house, big vocal-infused belters and drum-oriented techno. Born in Stockholm, he’s leading the host of next generation artists that continues the Scandinavian capital’s dance music lineage, a pedigree represented by countless DJs and producers who’ve gone from local underground prospects to globally recognised main stage superstars.

I recently caught up with Olander to discuss his life, his music, the label Vivrant and the future.

So what have you been up to recently?
I recently returned from South America where I played a number of gigs in Argentina. It was my first visit there and it was really amazing! What a passionate crowd! They just kept on dancing for hours and hours.

Do you enjoy touring and travelling?
It has its ups and downs, but I enjoy it and it also gives me inspiration. A lot of dj’s are talking about “the dark side of touring” but I don’t think it’s that bad really. It’s nice to explore new cities, and I like to walk around taking photos and just discovering new grounds.

Any new music out?
Yeah I released a 2 track EP (Talespin EP on Suara Music) on September 5th. There’s also a cool remix EP coming out on my own label Vivrant with 4 remixes of my tracks from the first release on the label. The remixes are made by Henry Saiz, Finnebassen, Charlie don’t surf and Jamie Stevens, and I’m very proud of having these producers on duty for this release!

Talking of Vivrant. Why did you start the label and what are your thoughts after running it for about one year?
I started it because I wanted to have my own “home” musically. I also wanted full control of the release process and now I have the ability to basically release something that I made just last week, which is great.

It has been a great first year with three releases. The first was an EP under my own name, and the other 2 was under my slightly darker alias Dhillon. Soon the remix EP mentioned above will be out, and in the future I will hopefully release some new tracks by me, but also from other friends and talents.

What about the name Vivrant. How did you come up with that?
Well the name is actually taked from a track called Vivrant Thing, released in 1998 by the legendary American rapper Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest). I think the name has a good ring to it, and ofcourse the name is paraphrasing the word Vibrant which is suitable for the label.

So where can we catch you dj’ing in the coming months?
I will be doing a massive party in my hometown Stockholm on October 1st. After that I’m going back to the US for a tour with 15 stops followed by a tour in Asia.

Finally. What do you to when you are not dealing with music?
Well, music is taking up the larger part of my life. But ofcourse I love to spend time with my girlfriend. I also like to relax watching tv series and explore the world of photography.

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