It’s not always a case of debt = bad. Used intelligently, technical debt provides quick fixes to problems and boosts innovation. However, you’ll soon know when your tech debt’s not serving you well. Below: three signs your tech debt needs paying off.

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(Tech) debt: not always a bad thing

Understanding tech debt — beware the buzzword

Technical debt is an overused term, often used to indicate ‘bad code’ or ‘work we don’t approve of’. Towards and Understanding of Technical Debt by Kellan Elliot McCrea, 2016, sheds light on how technical debt looks in practice. Leaning on the concept that ‘all code is a liability’ McCrea pinpoints five distinct aspects of how ‘tech debt’ manifests itself.

  1. Maintenance work
  2. Features of the codebase that resist change
  3. Operability choices that resist change
  4. Code choices that suck the will to live
  5. Dependencies that resist upgrading

De-demonizing technical debt

Taken in isolation, none of the above are going to topple your business. In tech and elsewhere, debt means the decision to realize something now and pay later, when resources allow. Martin Fowler, co-signatory of the Agile Manifesto, divides technical debt into prudent and reckless debt. …

We believe the future is open and support the open movement. As of today, developers can host and distribute open streaming data sources for free on the API Streamer platform, through the Open Data Streaming Program (ODSP).

Under the ODSP, anyone can publish streams of realtime data for free on the API Streamer, provided the data is made freely available for others to consume, and subject to a fair use policy.

In essence, the ODSP seeks to liberate the many sources of realtime data around the world, by providing the means to:

  • Enable producers of open realtime data to publish their streams, without needing to think about infrastructure, protocols, APIs or how many consumers there might…

Ably account and package management is now even easier thanks to a whole host of recently released features. If you have an account with Ably, log in now to see the changes.

Building on customer feedback, the features you need to manage your account and billing more easily have been added. In your dashboard, you can now better manage your account limits, view detailed statistics of your usage, predict future usage requirements, and better manage your billing.

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Here’s a list of all the new utilities and functionality:

1. Improved dashboards, package and support details

Gain visibility into your subscription, service level agreements, support contract, account manager and any add-on features within your dashboard.

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2. View all your pre-paid quota and limits in one place

From your account nav or dashboard page, you can now navigate to a new package limits page which includes the details of every pre-paid quota and limits configured for your package. …


Matthew O'Riordan

Co-founder of Ably: Simply better realtime messaging. In the past was the CTO & co-founder of Econsultancy that was sold in 2012.

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