Meet Loxo’s Engineering Leadership Team

Loxo’s mission is to be the world’s leading solution for identifying and hiring the best possible candidates for any job.

We are building Loxo for the industry leading Executive Search and Staffing firms, and in order to bring this mission to life we have hired the very best engineering leaders on the planet.

“Loxo is moving fast but we can’t continue to do so without extraordinary engineering minds.” — Ilia, Co-Founder | CTO


Juan Sebastian Angarita has an MS & BS in electrical & computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon and has spent the past couple of years working on novel local search and recommendations techniques at Foursquare. Now he is innovating in the talent space here at Loxo, creating the world’s first web 3.0 recruiting platform. In his spare time, Sebastian enjoys producing music, cooking, 3D printing drones, and tending to his bonsai citrus tree.


James Elkins has a BS in information science from Cornell University. Originally from New York, James is a veteran software engineer specializing in Ruby on Rails. After working at startups like LendingHome and (Peter Thiel’s) Palantir, he relocated to Vietnam where he’s been learning to love fish sauce. In his free time, he likes to read, juggle, take motorbike road trips, and fall down on his slackline.

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