Crane Operator On the Run

He has spent the past decade moving cars across the junkyard into the compactor- and now one of downtown’s most prolific crane operators is on the run.

Three days ago Dino Tagliakas left his tower crane shortly after lunch time and police are now searching for the man they describe as “portly” and “not to be approached”.

The 42-year-old skilled operator is a person of interest in the matter of $2.75 in missing crane quarters. The machine itself had no signs of foul play, however a note in Dino’s handwriting read “I ran out, Boss!”

The machine minus its large claw.

“It’s unclear whether he left the job, or if he spent all of his quarters,” said Chief Lindholm. “We’d just like to talk to him.”

Update: Dino was last seen hitching up his belt, taking the long descent down the crane, and waddling to the train station. Anyone with information is urged to please email the address below:

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