Voice from Basement Swears It’s Awesome Down There

Something in the dark claims the basement is “So frigging cool, Bobby!” and that I should “Come on down, man! Come on!”

The Voice is refusing to speak to Ma, claiming that “grownups are never fun”. Consequently, it’s urging to shut the door and descend into the darkness in order to join it. While it seems like it could be fun and it’s only the afternoon, the basement is still way too scawy.

Upon hearing that argument it didn’t take too long for Lipskin, who introduced himself but still shrouds himself in darkness, to offer a counter. “Bobby, when the kids find out how that you hung out with me, you’re gonna be so popular,” said the gravel-throated entity in the basement.

It’s an interesting reveal of arrogance to assume something like improved social standing would sway or change any reporter’s mind. Instead of developing his skills with his stakeholders, Lipskin argues with them, and then tries to fabricate false peer pressure.

But relationship development isn’t something Lipskin appears to be interested in, as he continued in the hoarse voice of his: “Bobby, I’ve got Golden Grahams and Reese’s Puffs cereal! And root beer, Bobby! Root beer!

It begs the question: whose side is he on? Is he with the elitist cabal, pandering to his lower-class and diabetes-prone masses in order to curry their favor? Does he not realize how any strong proletariat could see through his ruse, especially since the basement is still so tewwifying?

“Papa will even come back! He’ll think you’re so brave.”

Granted, this is a point I hadn’t considered, and it’s a condition I find myself shutting the door for. Papa will come back, and upon learning of my initiative, he will think I’m so bwave.

— — —

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