Smart people get smart jobs

We’re on a mission to grow ourselves and take on the very best people we can work with. So, we love nothing more than talking with those who really know and share our love for the technology industry.

We don’t do elitism, but we do recognise the special ones, those with the little bit of extra magic who have taken the time to put in the hard work and passion to master their craft. Whether it’s in tech or business development, designing or writing, we know great people make great businesses, and we want to meet them.

Extra-creative people can’t help but do extraordinary things, but have you ever been sat in front of your computer screen staring at your CV and wondering how the hell you could make it just that little bit more, well…amazing?

Close your CV just for a sec and take a look at the wonderfully unorthodox MOs of these smart candidates for a little inspiration. Might spark something, you never know:

Showing, not telling

Jeanne Hwang wanted more than anything to work for social media giant, Pinterest, so what better way to get their attention than using their own technology to advertise her skills? She pinned engaging visual representations of her skills, experience and interests to her Pinterest board as well as writing about her ideas and visions for the company’s expansion.

It’s little wonder she was later offered a position at the Pinterest analytics site, Pintics, by none other than the site’s founder, Francisco Guerrero. Winning!

Acting on a hunch

Alec Brownstein wanted to get the attention of top ad agency directors. He figured that people that high up would be likely to Google search themselves every now and again (heck, we’ve all done that), so he conducted an experiment using Google Ads.

He purchased Google ads against the names of the directors at the agencies he wanted to work for and used them to advertise the fact he was looking for a job, including a link to his CV. Not only did he get noticed, he also landed countless interviews and was offered a placement at one of his dream agencies. That’s pretty ingenious work in our opinion.

Turning it into a game

If you’re into gaming you’ll probably recognise the name Tim Schafer, the celebrated games developer. But did you know the lengths he went to in landing his first job in the games division at Lucas Film?

After a lack lustre phone interview, Tim decided to up the ante. He wrote and illustrated a storyboard of a game scenario in which he applied for (and won) the job he wanted. He mailed this to Lucas Film as an interview follow-up letter and, what do you know? He got the job. Well deserved, Tim. That’s what we would’ve done.

If you were thinking of applying for a job with us, don’t panic – we’re not demanding tactics as off the wall as the ones above, though we dare you to try!

If you’re smart, passionate then that’s a great start. If, like us, you appreciate the sheer joy of beautiful code and the satisfaction and pride of building incredible things then that’s even better.

Drop us a line at and show us what you can do.

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