It’s a beautiful day, I am relaxing with a cup of freshly ground coffee and in the mood to challenge some conformist mentality. You my dear reader- who just happens to be cruising the internet in search of distractions from work- are the lucky recipient of my writing and rambling. I hope its worth the risk of discovery and possible termination from your job.

Have you found your passion and happiness or are you trying to convince yourself that what you are doing really makes you happy and gives you a life worth living? I ask because based on articles I’ve read, the levels of underemployment, unemployment and employee dissatisfaction are higher than Charlie Sheen on a two week bender in Las Vegas. Most of us are so overwhelmed with financial struggles, employment uncertainty and a growing government that is regulating us to death that we are not happy. In fact we are miserable.

Over the past fifteen years we as a people have become complacent, willing to accept a life dictated to us by others. Our largess and apathy was building before the financial crisis of 2008. We had become fat and dependent on companies and government for our livelihood. Success sated us and we became distracted by the pretty lights of entertainment, games and sports.

Then as the crisis came and (please go away, please leave us alone and destroy some other economy) went, corporations that employed us gained leverage. As the job market shrunk, we became ever so aware of the power that our companies held over us. And they have exploited this power with a lack of advancement or true raises for most employees. The expectations and stress are greater than ever and the level of happiness and joy is plummeting like the prospects of a (New) Point Break sequel.

Government as a whole has not helped. With its war against new innovation in the guise of Uber and AirBNB, unwillingness to invest in quality education reform and desire to “register” as many citizens as possible for welfare as possible we have to wonder what we have given up in our lives merely for the illusion of comfort and success.

We’ve lost our entrepreneurial spirit and turned to external organizations (corporations and government) to provide a living rather than taking action ourselves. The end result of this, a lose of originality, creativity, voice and happiness.

The positive in this is that we needed to get really, really, really uncomfortable before we were willing to make a change. The worse it gets at a job, the greater the chance for any of us to take action. This is good.

Let me ask you, do you look at Monday as a burden in your life, something to dread or do you greet it as eagerly as a sprinter greets the starting gun? Maybe this is just in my mind but I think most people hate Monday.

How about when you get home? Are you driven to continue working not because you have to but because you love it so much and find it challenging and engaging or do you complain and then plop down in front of the TV for a few hours? Do you aspire to grow within your field or complain about someone holding you back? Do you wish to grow your knowledge but don’t know how? Are you feeling lost and drifting helplessly along waiting for something to happen but not knowing how to make it happen yourself?

There is a very simple solution, GOYA! Get Off Your Ass! Or if you are from my hometown of Boston “FXXXin’ get of your FXXXing Ass!” Take action, the key to your happiness and success lies in you, not in any external organism. Break the chains of servitude, create your own path.

There is no excuse for a lack of action. If you are content being lazy then admit it to yourself and accept that you will never change your lot in life because you are unwilling to take the steps needed to change. Otherwise, get going. There are countless options available for everyone that are free, convenient and easy to use.

Want to learn or develop new skills check out these education platforms-

Coursera- https://www.coursera.org/

EdX- https://www.edx.org/

Udemy- https://www.udemy.com/courses/

Khan Academy- https://www.khanacademy.org/

If you are looking for a business idea yet don’t have any money read this:

  1. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/201588
  2. http://moneypantry.com/under-5k-business-ideas/
  3. http://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/businesses-start-with-5000-or-less.html/?a=viewall
  4. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245953

How about wanting to lose weight and get into shape but you don’t want to go to the gym? WOW! Look what I found-

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa6cLLXttWw
  2. https://www.gottabemobile.com/2016/07/14/best-weight-loss-apps/
  3. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercohen/2012/08/21/the-8-best-smart-phone-apps-for-weight-loss/#6e8223434bfc

All of these links were found within minutes using a basic google search. How difficult is that?. There is no excuse any more. If you are not living your passion, if you are miserable take action. The power and ability is within you. Don’t wait till the right opportunity comes along. It ain’t gonna come along! Don’t wait and see with your job. Remember, you are expendable and as soon as you cost more to your company than you produce you will be gone. Start today! Yes, starting tomorrow is easier, but it can always be put off until tomorrow. Starting today is hard, you have to make your decision, you have to become accountable to yourself about your decision, you have to own it without excuses.

I am speaking from experience. I lost everything in the crisis. Every time I began to rebuild another wrecking ball swung through my life. I have slept on floors more nights than I care to remember. I have fallen into the pits of despair and fear. I have sometimes longed for the sweet illusion of stability offered by a job. And if I had obtained that I would not be happy, I would not be writing now, I would not be pursuing my passions with fervor like obsession. The elation I feel is something I hope everyone has the opportunity and willingness to experience the same sensations.

However it is not going to happen if you don’t take the first steps. It is up to you, get off your ass and start building your life, creating your dreams and finding your happiness. You know what it is, you can feel it calling to you in dreams, an instinctual urge to do something. Listen to that voice, follow that path. It is going to lead to your happiness. But none of it will happen if you do not GOYA!