By 2022, oil use will have peaked
This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

I didn’t really agree with this part but only because whenever people declare that oil has “peaked”, companies seem to find another massive deposit.

Well that and I don’t think you’ve really made provisions for the serious push-back that is likely to emerge against self-driving vehicles from the huge number of working class people who depend on their jobs as drivers as their only source of income.

Given the current set up of the economy — both in the US and globally — automating an entire industry completly, especially one that is one of the biggest employers of low-wage/skill people, would inevitably lead to massive conflict as thousands (if not millions, depending on how far we’re looking) are suddenly out on the streets. While the change is inevitable — you can’t stop progress, after all — I do think there will be moves made to slow it down as much as possible