Covering a couple of days before leave and a full week — leadership team time, lights, lovely family time, conference, business planning and more!

ELT time

I’ve written about our extended leadership team previously and a couple of weeks ago we had the final person join to give us a full leadership team across customer journey — very exciting!

A week where I felt like I used a different part of my brain which was nice.

A couple of days in the motherland (working)

I kicked off this week in the Citizens Advice Cymru office in Cardiff, working with Bec and Sarah and a group of our Chief Officers from across Wales on plans for mobilising our new Wales Service. It was really interesting to be part of the meeting, figuring out what the future service will look like, how we can support from a national level and lots more.

I also got to see my sister, brother in law and nieces while I was there as they live near Cardiff. I’m hoping for more opportunities to go to the Welsh office and work with the team there, plus added bonus I could see my family more! …

A back to back week and a struggle getting one thing done.

Lots of catch ups

My diary this week was again, bad, but I’ve realised I need to stop writing / moaning about it and do something about it so I am going to. …


Matt White

Head of delivery @citizensadvice. Passionate about people, collaboration and self organising teams.

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