Sunglasses — the ultimate autumn accessory

When spring comes, most of us rush out to buy new sunglasses. After the summer, we get our winter wardrobe together and forget about eye-wear all together. And yet, if you take a look at the collections for the autumn season that were unveiled during the London Fashion Week back in April, sunglasses were an important accessory.

The perfect autumn sunglasses at LVBT

Cat eyes

In this season’s makeup trends, cat’s eyes are one of the major inspirations. And so of course, sunglasses have followed suit with cat eye frames giving their wearers a cheerful demeanour. From bright tortoiseshell to subtle grey frames, the cat’s eyes are in and they’re looking great.

Dark lenses

As with most years, summer glasses have contained coloured lenses. This autumn though, it’s time to hide your eyes between darker lenses. For anyone who suffers with tired looking skin during the winter months, this is the ideal accessory.

Bright frames

Frames that are bright and chunky perfectly offset the dark lenses that are so popular. They also complement perfectly the cat eye look. From tangerine to tortoiseshell, don’t be afraid to show your bright, fun side when purchasing eye-wear for this coming season.

Round frames

Once every few years, the round frames of the ’60s make a much welcomed comeback. The combination of circular lenses with the fun frames of the season makes for an exciting retro look.

Le geek, c’est chic

Geek style glasses are in when it comes to regular glasses and, this season, sunglasses are following suit. You can look both trendy and studious in autumn with glasses that pair perfectly with a smart casual look.

Black and grey

Offsetting the vibrant colours and bulky frames that are seen on some eye-wear are the subtle greys and blacks that were modelled on the catwalk by brands including Hugo Boss. These combine nicely with the dark lenses that are so popular this autumn.

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