I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
Quincy Larson

Quincy this is not something new and has been in force for quite a few years, which you do not really point out- The headline is sensationalism at its finest. I just think you could have done a better job to educate the readers how long this has been going on.

As I’m sure you remember, in 2013 Laura Poitras (directed Citizenfour Documentary) was detained and was told to do the same thing, being detained for several hours. This was under the Obama administration, where the NSA ran illegal collection programs (and I’m sure still does under Trump).

My point is, after Snowden gave up the goods this has been covered before but like so many Americans we fall victim to sensationalized news headlines by both the left and right news media. I even think because of who lives in the White House now, the media attempts to blame him for all our woes, including what just happened to Sidd.

I’m pretty conservative in my views, retired from military service and definitely think our country needs to be secured as best as possible. But all of my stuff is encrypted, touch ID disabled and I would never give up my password when coming back into our country that I love very much.