Finding an Interesting Repo

Matthew Phan
Nov 5, 2018 · 2 min read

After struggling with the last few issues/pull requests, I decided to try and find a niche that I’m interested is. A buddy of mine has always been into the stock market, and more recently, crypto currency. He suggested I take a look at open-ehtereum-pool. If I learned anything at all, it would be get it working before you start playing.

Thus begins my first steps into the crypto currency pool development is. I was informed that this is one of the most popular pools, the ones the carry the standards for ethereum. It’s also in go lang so that’ll be something new for me as well, but lets get started with installation.

I’m in a windows environment and when I tried to build the project, I had an issue with the make command. So my next step is try to build it manually, but then another issue was not having gcc to compile. Next up, I downloaded cygwin but realized I forgot the make packages. Once I found what I needed and installed, I couldn’t get to my golang installation… Apparently all these issues wouldn’t be an issue if I was in a linux environment. I completely caved and grabbed a virtual machine to download uBuntu. I sort of forgot my linux commands, so I struggled a bit with installing everything. I got Git, I googled to help me get the right golang and I downloaded Visual Studio Code about 3x before it decided to work, no idea why.

After the aforementioned, I finally compiled and was able to run the tests, YAY! Mind you though, the above took probably a couple hours longer than it should have to google why I was running into a bunch of issues. But with this portion done, I’m going to delve into the code and try to get a grasp of how this apparently popular pool works and help out with some of the issues (81 of them!).

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