Localization for open-ethereum-pool

A lot of the issues on the repository seem to be configuration issues. As toxic as some of the comments tend to get, I feel like I could help some here and there. One of the requests was for translation.

There were a couple requests coming in regarding translating the free front-end of the open-ethereum-pool site. It queries their api and takes the mining stats to display. It can track your network difficulty, the block height and things like when the last block was found and how much it paid out.

When I looked at the most recent issue, obviously the poster didn’t speak much English, but I understood he was looking for a way to use a json object to translate the UI. With that in mind, I was remembering about how I’ve done it in the past creating localization files, passing around locales and using the corresponding localization file for the output. Same thing pretty much, key/value for a translated output.

After I looked around the repository for a while, I found that it was already using ember-intl to translate. I took a quick look at the repo, both open-ethereum and ember-intl, and it seemed like it was already set up to use. I grabbed some of the hard coded text in the template (only for the home page) and threw them all into the localization file and viola, instant translation.

Now I can’t exactly translate to what ever language I want, not being the most fluent with my second language. I also don’t trust google translate all that much, that said, I made sure to leave instructions in the PR for others to see. That way for those who are struggling, they can translate themselves as best they can to get their page running with what ever locale they’d like.