NaNoWriMo: Head above water

Work is horribly busy right now. Really I should be writing software, even though it’s the weekend. I don’t see a way of getting the #1667 done a day during next week. It feels like a totally unachievable (not a real word) target. As of yesterday I’m on 7800 words so a little ahead of target. But unless you’re a super-hero then pretty much every day on NaNoWriMo you wake up behind. It’s already past eleven and despite being on the second coffee I’ve yet to write a word.

If I get to my target for the day that’ll put me over the 10k mark which is — as those with the most rudimentary of maths skills will know — 20% done. It’s normally this moment where one of two things happens;

  1. I really start to get bored with the book. The characters are dull and they’re living in a World where nothing of note is happening. I wonder who needs to die.
  2. I’m still not hating the book BUT I’ve written only 10% of the book but it feels as though I’ve written about 90% of the plot. How much connective tissue am I going to strap on to tie the thing together?

Some days there just isn’t enough coffee in the World.