Should Your Business Be Taking Social Media Seriously?

Yes. In 95% of cases, yes your business should be taking social media seriously. The first large scale distribution of marketing came with the newspaper, then came the radio, next the television, and now it’s social media and the internet (digital). And it will be bigger than any of the other mediums. But social media isn’t only useful for direct marketing. There are a multitude of reasons why your focus should be on it at the moment, here are a few.

Easy To Reach More People

A great aspect of social media is that it makes your business’s content really quick and easy for your followers to share. Whether it’s news or promotional offers or building relationships with your audience, it can all be shared by your followers to their followers in a matter of taps. It has never been easier, with Facebook your followers can simply press the Share button, in Twitter they can re-tweet your tweet and there are now a myriad of tools to repost Instagram posts. It’s much quicker and easier to share content from your business on social media than on another medium. This is a great way to grow your business to a much larger audience.

Low Advertising Costs

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. Social media is great for advertising! Along with internet advertising, especially social media advertising, owns the field in today’s world. The main reason for this is the way you can harness the huge amount of data that the social media networks hold about us. You can target people based on their interests, salary, insurance information, religion, if they’re expecting a baby, if they have an anniversary coming up to name but a few. Scary, right? If you so wished, you could target just your next door neighbor!

Having this amount of information to hand makes qualifying potential customers very easy and can lead to a very high return on investment (ROI). Investing in Facebook ads and getting an ROI of between x5–10 is fair, whilst an ROI in the tens would be doing well, and ROI in the hundreds would be rare but definitely not unheard of! There are many case studies of acquiring leads for £5 on Facebook which resulted in over £500 of revenue. Where else do you see returns on that scale?

Future-proof Your Business

Social media allows your business to future proof your following. What I mean by this, is that previously when you might obtain a customer from a local newspaper ad, it would be very hard to retain that customer when you wanted to move your marketing efforts from newspaper to radio. However it is very easy to migrate a following base from one platform to another platform when using social media.

A great example of this is when the popular app Vine closed down. There were thousands of successful content creators on Vine, a video sharing platform, when it closed down, but by easily being able to contact their fan base, Viners were able to preserve their followings by moving them to Instagram and Youtube. So instead of losing all the hard work and money put into obtaining those followers, social media has allowed them to be kept. It is inevitable that social media platforms will come and go over the years and having a good holding in at least one, will allow you to ‘hop’ to another, preserving your business’s following.

Great For Customer Support

Social media allows you to stay in constant contact with your followers and always be there when the have a question or query for you. With Facebook messenger and Instagram direct message, customers can reach you in a matter of seconds. Your social media managers phone will ‘bing’ and they will be alerted, allowing them to reply and start resolving an issue straight away. This way of communicating is so much faster and more efficient than other forms of customer support such as emailing or calling. Chances are that customer service and support is incredibly important to your business and using social media allows you to easily do a great job at it.

Improves SEO

Another great aspect of using social media is that it helps with your search engine optimisation. When someone searches for keywords related to your industry and business, if they are included in some of your Facebook posts or your Twitter bio for example, your social media profiles are likely to show up on the search results. This is because Google and Bing know that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, are all reputable sources and therefore trust their content, and allow it to be pushed further up the rankings in the search results. This could result in 4 out of 10, for example, of the first results on Google being your business (for a given search term), which is likely to turn into more attention, more leads and more sales.

In Conclusion…

If, before reading this article, you weren’t sure if your business needed to focus on social media, I hope you see the significance of it now. Social media, and the internet with it, is something that is only going to grow in the coming years. I’ll leave you with a Chinese proverb, ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”