Written by Matt Humphreys, Chief Experience Officer, diff

Usability testing is an absolutely vital part of our mobile design process. By having real people use our design prototypes, we can inform decisions and challenge our assumptions on existing concepts. Often the learnings are very beneficial, and sometimes they border on shocking.

Cumulative learning

Most of the time the learning is cumulative, and an exciting ride that proves to be well worth the time and investment. We learn common patterns of user behaviours and motivations that are overarching enough to contribute to future projects. If you regularly create experiences with similar conventions, the…

When I first started in digital almost 20 years ago, there were limited paths to your online brand. It usually started from a physical touchpoint where the shopper would discover your URL — an in-store experience, a newspaper ad, direct mail, or word-of-mouth — and ended in a visit to your website on a 800×600 desktop computer. The shopper’s knowledge was fairly limited, and the journey was direct. Websites were usually overloaded with content to make sure that nothing was missed.

The rise of omni-channel

These days, a shopper can have a multitude of touchpoints with your brand before landing on your website —…

Like so many brides and grooms before you, this is likely your first time planning an event, learning as you go and adjusting accordingly. So how can you make the process of hiring a band a little easier? Get the straight goods from a seasoned professional!

Assuming you’ve already established that the band is available on your date, you like their song list, the pricing is within your budget, and the when and where are established, it’s time to take it one step further…

Here are the top 5 questions that I get asked on a regular basis:

1) Do you take special requests?

This may…

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