Creative Form & Input Field Design Examples
Saijo George

Hey guys,

Noticed that a lot of people have been asking about how to submit the Minimal Form Interface example. Here is the answer and a step by step walk through of how to do it. In this example I wanted to take things a step further and submit the results directly to a spread sheet in Google Sheets (using Google Forms) — this way you can both record the submissions via the spreadsheet, and also set up email notifications (via the Google Form settings) so that it sends you an email every time a new submission comes through.

There are two seperate videos, the first shows you how to make a basic custom form that submits the results via Google Forms, the second one takes you through an approach which works for this awesome Minimal Form so that it submits the results to Google Forms without needing to hit a ‘submit’ button.

Here are the links to the videos:
Customising Google Forms:
Combining Google Forms with ‘Minimal Form Interface’:

Hope these save some of you guys time!!!

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