Startup Q&A #26: Outsourcing, Delegation, Customer Retention, and Email Marketing Technology

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This Week’s Questions

  • Do you do your own online marketing tasks (landing pages, optins, email copy, sales page copy, etc.) for your businesses or have you hired out for that? I know you’ve already hired out for FB ads. — Hilawe Semunegus
  • What technology do you use to design the HTML for your emails? What ESP do you use to send your emails? And how do you automate unsubscribes? — Amos Kittelson
  • I have an information technology training company that provides a great income, but it is heavily dependent upon me. I’m feeling burned out! I also have doubts about my ability to sustain this for the long term. How do I turn this into a sustainable business and avoid burnout? — Jason Cannon
  • What are the best practices for customer retention, getting them to re-buy or revisit your business or site? — Robert Mehling
  • What is the best way to use media to reach potential clients? What type of media has the best results? — Jeff Anderson

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