Matt, I may be wrong, but I believe you somehow completely left out the information that drinkers…
Michael J. McFadden

Thanks for your reply Michael. Since the American Healthcare Act doesn’t, to my knowledge, propose any changes to the ACA’s tobacco policy, this was a bit outside the scope of the article.

However, that does not diminish the importance of the tobacco surcharge subject. I have followed this fairly closely since the ACA first went into effect.

And, it always seemed odd to me that the Affordable Care Act went out of its way to exclude insurers from discriminating against policyholders for all health conditions, except tobacco addiction.

Another interesting aspect is the “honor system” method of identifying tobacco use individuals. Several reports suggest that quite a few applicants simply lie about their tobacco usage in order to achieve lower premiums.

And still another new report suggests that the mandated smoking cessation programs and higher premiums have caused more tobacco users to quit insurance than smoking.

In essence the tobacco surcharge rules have largely failed to achieve their stated goals. So much so that D.C. and 6 other states have banned tobacco surcharge practices all together.

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