Episode 001: Ed Leigh — Top 5 Movie Party Scenes

It’s taken a while, but episode 001 guest, broadcaster Ed Leigh, has finally delivered his top 5 — and it’s a good one.

As a child of the 80s and a pop culture sponge Ed has chosen to share his favourite movie house party scenes. Click the links to find out more and prepare to be educated:


“It’s notoriously difficult to capture a house party on film, from the effort required to acquiring and preparing a venue, choosing the booze and finding a reputable drug dealer; through to the unbridled euphoria of pure hedonism and lack of giving a fuck that comes with no responsibilities. But the following classic scenes are good examples of what it is like to truly destroy a house for no other reason than you can”.

  1. Boogie Nights

“OK, so technically the only thing getting destroyed here are genitals. But the knowledge that parties like this probably happened at a time when porn had at least a slither of pre internet-and-plastic-surgery class is something to ponder at length over a cold G&T. If you got an invitation and you knew what was going down — would you go?”

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2. Old School

“Yes, the scene with Frank the Tank wrecking Snoop Dogg’s set with some naked freestyle rapping is epic. But for me the best scene from this film is when Frank accidentally shoots himself with the Animal Handler’s tranquilliser gun and then crashes the kids’ party”.

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3. Big Wednesday

“Whether it’s pissing in the steam iron, cooking The Masochist, Robert ‘Freddy Krueger’ Englund on the beer keg, surfing the dining table, Bear asking Fat Tony if they should join in the fight to be told ‘We get ’em later’, this is a stone cold classic”.

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4. Trading Places

“This is supposed to illustrate a key piece of character development, namely that Billy Ray has learned the value of the house he’s been given. Instead it is perhaps the best 80s party scene ever commited to celluloid. It’s an epic bijou soiree filled with JR Ewing-impersonating pimps, disco queens and wastrels alll getting down to the soundtrack of Do You Want To Funk. The highlight? The moment when two women inexplicably peel their clothes off and start dancing topless for no apparent reason”.

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5. National Lampoon’s Animal House

“Delta House’s Toga Party may have become a touchstone for political incorrectness on American campuses of late, but the fact remains that it is the yardstick by which all house parties will be judged. Do yourself a favour - go and watch the whole film. It’s stood the test of time, mainly because John Belushi was a nutcase both on and off screen as witnessed here…”

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