Episode 013: Keme Nzerem — Top 5 Action Sports Films

If you’ve listened to episode 013 of the Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast with broadcaster and journalist Keme Nzerem, you’ll know that he’s been the Head Judge at Kendal Mountain Film Festival for the past few years.

During our chat he mentioned a number of inspiring films he’d seen during his tenure, so I thought I’d get him to choose thefive favourite action sports films that have impressed him the most.

If you’ve bored of the films you’re seeing on your Facebook or Instagram feed, and want to explore a little, check out Keme’s top 5 here.

  1. The Blizzard of Aahh’s — Greg Stump

“Greg Stumps’s classic late 80s American ski film changed my life. In 1990 I started sixth form and got a Saturday job in the local Ellis Brigham store. We played this on the big screen in the shop on repeat, day in, week out. To this day I still can’t get enough of Glen Plake and his Tahoe rude boys tearing it up amongst the Chamonix alpinist cognoscenti”.

2. The Freedom Chair/Sit Ski Backflip — Mike Douglas

“Such a beautiful and soulful couple of films. Like the Paralympics, these films redefined what is possible for disabled athletes”.

3. Industrial Revolutions — Stu Thomson

“This British collaboration between Danny Macaskill and Stu Thomson is a perfectly weighted action short. Deliciously filmed with soul, tenderness and humour. Obviously it has incredible tricks, but it is short, sweet and lovely.”

4. Solitaire — Sweetgrass Productions

“Solitaire redefined what a ski flick can look and feel like — and set the template for modern adventure travelogues. It also laid the groundwork for definitive contemporary ski films like Valhalla and Afterglow. Incredible camerawork and total commitment to the story make this unique”.

5: I Believe I Can Fly — Seb Montaz.

“Genre-defining, with a fascinating storyline and characters, but also beautiful and technically superb. Seb pioneered the best of contemporary adventure sport filming techniques. Close up and personal”.

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