A corporate profile.

The Enegra Group was founded in 2011 to deliver operational expertise to Southeast Asia’s commodity trading sector. The company’s operations have focused on trade financing assistance, commodities trading, coal sourcing and the management of coal off-take agreements.

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Enegra has negotiated long-term coal supply agreements within Indonesia for up to 60 million tonnes per year. …

Intelligent positioning should cement Indonesia’s role in global industry.

Indonesia contains an abundance of natural and human resources that have drawn traders to the archipelago for hundreds of years. Technological developments are creating new opportunities for the country allowing it to capitalise on its abundant mineral resources. Indonesia is gearing up to position itself not only as a supplier of raw materials but also as a key producer of smart technologies. The intention is to develop industries which will draw revenue into the country.

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Parts of Indonesia used to be known as the Spice Islands and would attract traders from around the world to their supply of precious spices. Today Indonesia sits on mineral reserves that play a vital role in a number of developing global technologies. …


Matthew Averay

Managing Director of Enegra Group Ltd, a commodity trading company based in South East Asia

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