This may be a minor distinction but I don’t see caffeine as the problem.
Eric Jennings

Hi Eric — great point. I agree that coffee can be a mindful enjoyment for many. However, there are another many that have a hard time balancing the two. I was one of them.

Since caffeine effects biochemistry in the opposite ways to meditation (increases heart rate, cortisol, excitation, etc), harmony between the two can be unsurprisingly tricky. And while enjoying coffee doesn’t preclude a mindful life, it can be an obstacle. Though I don’t wish it to be the case for anyone.

As Buddha taught, people should see for themselves. Experiment. An easy test would be to refrain from caffeine for 2–3 days. See how it feels. If the day is ruined and someone can’t function normally and they just need, need, NEED a coffee, then there is a glaring dependence there.

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